Design of target group-specific ads and placement on online platforms.

fixed fee agreement, effective advertising, precisley defined project schedule, immediate reporting

01Analysis of the initial situation (corporate strategy and philosophy, competitive environment, corporate structures)

02Creation of a textually and visually appealing advertisment

03Placement of the advertisement in selected print and/or electronic media

04Conduction of structured, personal interviews with qualified candidates

05Analysis of the respective candidates in concerning competences such as willingness to perform, resilience, communication behaviour and team working skills

06Documentation of the project status

07Preparation of detailed confidential reports on suitable candidates

08Presentation of qualified candidates to the client

09Obtaining references

10Advice on remuneration and support in recruitment interviews as well as contract negotiations

FEE: Haibach & Cie. works for companies within the scope of a consulting mandate on a transparent, fixed fee basis.

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